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WELLTECH was founded in 2001 as firstly a supplier of laboratory equipments, and subsequently became a designer and manufacturer of environmental chambers in 2006. We are supplying environmental chambers in both local and overseas markets. The temperature range is from -80C to 180C while humidity range is from 5 to 99% RH. We have different capacities for our customers’ selection.  Beside environmental chamber, we also manufacturer weather releated chambers which is related to light, dust, UV, wind, rain etc.   We design, assemble, fabricate and commission our chambers in Dongguan, China. In our manufacturing we are mainly using imported parts from reliable brand names to make sure the quality of the chambers delivered. Our highly trained staff in Hong Kong, or overseas appointed distributors and technicians carry out installation and service of our chambers.

Besides providing the climatic chamber, Welltech also manufacturer CO2 purifier, hypoxic system, solar lamp and wind simulator. Those items also can be integrated with the climatic chamber or use individually. 

Welltech is proud of having a team of people to do PLC and programming. So, remote control of our machine by using mobile is already avaialbe on request.   

  • Wind Simulator
  • Hypoxic System
  • Athletic Chamber
  • CO2 Purifier

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